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Knee Pads For Men And Women

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  • Model Number: A0080
  • Age: Universal
  • Brand Name: Kyncilor
  • Origin: Mainland China

Knee Pads For Men And Women Running Basketball Sports Knee Pads For Mountaineering Non-Slip Knitting Breathable Knee Pads

Product ID: AB080

Product material: 3D knitting, elastic fabric

Product size: M/L/XL

Product color: blue/black/red

Applicable sports scenes: cycling, basketball, running, walking, dog walking, fitness, mountain climbing, tennis, mountain climbing, roller skating, etc

LOGO available or not: LOGO available from stock, customized

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Product features:

1. Annular wrapping, balanced pressurization

According to the ergonomic design, it can help alleviate the movement stimulation, reduce the knee load and improve the movement stability.

2.3D knitting, core protection, wrapped shock absorption, knee protection

It fits the curved surface around the knee joint, improves the stability of the knee and reduces joint friction.

3. Built-in silicone strip, anti-slip silicone strip to prevent falling off

The upper end of the knee pad has a wavy silicone anti-slip strip, which can prevent the knee pad from slipping and curling during the movement.

Product details:

1. High density knitted fabric

Delicate and skin-friendly, comfortable and breathable, avoiding stuffiness

2.3D elastic knitting

The comfort level is significantly improved, and it fits the human body during movement. The seamless knitting method can avoid discomfort to human skin.

3. Two anti-slip strips

The wavy silicone anti-slip strip, like a suction cup, tightly sticks to the skin and does not slide. It is soft and comfortable, and can prevent the knee pad from slipping and curling during exercise.


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